Polyurea Singular Points

Polyurea Singular Points

Frequently, it is necessary to do conditioning work before applying TECNOCOAT P-2049, since this ensures that the principal function of the waterproofing is completely effective and lasting. Below we cover the most common actions needed. If your case is not reflected, do not hesitate to get in touch with the Technical Department of Tecnopol, a technician will assist you and will analyze your case thoroughly.


In rehab jobs, when the drain is ready, place an armor or geotextile mesh that exceeds the diameter of the downspout by aprox.10 cm, which will be impregnated by the membrane, so it will adhere to the support.

Expansion joints

Fill the whole length of the joint with our polyurethane putty DESMOSEAL MASILLA-PU and immediately, apply a band of waterproofing armed with geotextile. This should be covered between 10 and 15 cm to each side of the joint, and this way, absorb possible movements to avoid breaking the membrane of TECNOCOAT P-2049.

Fissures and cracks

Passive fissures and active fissures of more than 3 mm. of breadth. After the opening with disc, seal it with DESMOSEAL MASILLA-PU. When the putty dries, apply TECNOCOAT P-2049, after doing a compatibility test.

Sharp edges

Sharp edges as well as angular points and edges must be rounded with DESMOSEAL MASILLA-PU adding a geotextile mesh when necessary.


Parapets also need conditioning before applying TECNOCOAT P-2049. This has to be done fulfilling the criteria of the Technical Building Code.

Wiring / Wall openings

Cables and wall openings in roofs are considered singular elements, and must be treated before waterproofing work can begin.

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