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This document constitutes by definition a favorable technical evaluation of the suitability of a product for the use assigned, based on the fulfillment of the Essential Requisites foreseen for the work in which the above mentioned product is used. DESMOPOL possesses ETA certification .

Descargar DITE DESMOPOL ( )

Descargar DITE DESMOPOL ( )

Data Sheet

Ficha Tecnica Ficha Tecnica ( )

Data Sheet ( )

Fiche Technique ( )


Download three different file formats (Presto, Excel or Fiebdc), the measurement guidelines and budget for our waterproofing system. We present them as a breakdown of the different components that constitute the complete DESMOPOL system.

Technical report

Guidance document for the creation of the technical report.

Technical report


We Put at your disposal construction details in format "dwg" of this application system so you can incorporate them into the technical memory of your project if necessary. The format is editable for modification according to the characteristics of the project.

DT1 Passable Flat Roof with Ceramic Finish

DT2 Passable Flat Roof with colored Quartz Finish

DT3 Passable Flat Roof with Gravel Finish

DT4 Inverted Roof

DT5 Rehabilitation of Roof with Polyurethane Foam

DT6 Rehabilitation of Metal Roof

DT7 Rehabilitation of Ceramic Brick Roof

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